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SIT DOWN. After Vuzu, Nonhle Thema is definitely NOT going Wild. I have the truth behind a rumour ...

You're reading it here first.

Nonhle Thema is not going Wild after she's off Vuzu television. I can exclusively break the news kill the rumour that Nonhle Thema is not going to appear on the M-Net and Mzansi Magic soap The Wild. Not now, and not anytime soon.

ALSO READ: ''Damn. My breakup with Vuzu feels like a divorce. Damn. But it had to be done. I love them too much to keep hurting them.''

Worried About Heat? Hot Weather Help

Elders and others need to pay close attention in hot weather

This news article has some good information about being older and the current hot heat throughout most of the US.
By LINDSEY TANNER - AP Medical Writer 
Here is another cooling drink that should be considered -

Enjoy now while fresh mint is plentiful -
To make it: Place several sprigs fresh mint in a heat-safe container. Pour 1 cup of freshly boiled water over the mint and let it steep.  Then add 3 cups fresh water (not heated), stir and refrigerate 1 to 2 hours. Remove mint before serving.

More recipes in articles listed below for hot times of the year.
CHICAGO (AP) — This week's heat wave may be uncomfortable, but you're healthy, active and feel just fine. So what if you're over 65? Think again. Feeling good doesn't mean you're safe.

There are changes in an older person that raise the risk for heat stroke and other problems. An older body contains far less water than a younger one. Older brains can't sense temperature changes as well, and they don't recognize thirst as easily.

Blistering summer heat is an underappreciated killer, claiming by some estimates as many as 1,000 U.S. lives each year — more than any other type of weather.

One federal study found 40 percent of heat-related deaths were in people 65 and older. Those numbers could be lower if more heeded heat warnings aimed at seniors. Yet research has shown many people over 65 don't think the warnings apply to them — because they don't think they're "old."

Don Worden is 79 and an avid tennis buff who prefers playing doubles on outdoor courts along Chicago's lakefront — even in oppressive 90-degree temperatures like those hitting the Midwest this week.

"I don't pay too much attention to those" warnings, Worden said. "I stay in pretty good shape, and I don't feel they apply to me."

Worden said he drinks a lot of water and would stop a match if he started feeling effects from the heat, "but that hasn't happened."

Scott Sheridan, who studies the effects of heat and climate on health at Kent State University, researched how people over 65 view heat warnings. In his 2006 study of more than 900 people, he found about 70 percent knew about advice to drink plenty of water on very hot days, avoid outdoor activities and stay inside with air conditioning. But only about half said they followed the advice.

"People well into their 70s would say old people should watch out but not them," he said. "People just didn't want to be thought of in that same category."

Dr. David Zich, an emergency medicine specialist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, said he has colleagues in medicine that age who shun being thought of as "elderly." But those heat warnings apply to them, too.

As Dr. William Dale, geriatrics chief at the University of Chicago Medical Center explains it, "Any older adult has less reserve and is more likely to become dehydrated than others, just because their overall body water goes down with age no matter how healthy you are."

The amount of water in the body declines with aging, from about 80 percent in young adulthood to about 55 to 60 percent for people in their 80s, Dale said.

Temperature sensors in the brain become less sensitive as people age, so the body doesn't get the same signals to drink water in hot weather, and older people often don't feel thirsty even when they need to replenish, Dale said.

They also may not feel the typical symptoms of dehydration, such as headache or dizziness. Some complain of just feeling "bad" and think they're getting sick, he said.

Conditions were ripe for those types of complaints Tuesday as a dense dome of hot air remained parked over much of the nation's midsection, raising temperatures into the mid- to upper-90s from the Texas Gulf Coast to the Rockies and the northern Plains. Tropical-level humidity raised the heat index in many places to nearly 120 degrees.

In South Dakota, up to 1,500 head of cattle died across the state from the heat. And in eastern Iowa, the scorching sun caused a portion of Interstate 380 to buckle. The weather also sent dozens of people to hospitals, canceled outdoor sporting events and caused sporadic power outages.

In such conditions, dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion and potentially deadly heat stroke. During a heat wave, that can happen in a matter of hours in older people if they over-exert themselves, don't drink enough water or are frail and don't get out of uncooled homes, said Dr. Chris Carpenter, an emergency medicine physician at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Heat exhaustion can cause muscle cramps, low blood pressure, rapid pulse and nausea. It can be treated at home, by drinking water, getting into an air-conditioned room or sitting in front of a fan and misting the body with cool water.

But affected people should be monitored for mental changes and to make sure their temperature does not rise above 102 because the condition can quickly lead to heat stroke. A medical emergency, heat stroke involves temperatures of 104 or higher and can cause seizures, loss of consciousness and death.

Medicines many older people take also may make them more vulnerable to the heat. These include diuretics for high blood pressure, which increase urination — and make it more important to drink plenty of water, Dale said.

Some types of drugs can interfere with sweating and raise body temperature, including some medicines for insomnia, nausea, prostate conditions, Parkinson's disease and even Benadryl. Many list "dry mouth" as a side effect — a tip-off to drink more water, Zich said.

There aren't specific guidelines on how much water older people should drink in a heat wave.

Dale said he generally tells his older patients to drink a quart of water throughout the day, and to drink even if they don't feel thirsty.

Doctors also advise older patients to avoid alcohol and coffee during extreme heat because they can cause the body to lose fluid and contribute to dehydration.
Selections from Natural Health News
Natural Health News: Cooling Down in Hot Climates
Jun 11, 2011
“Cool Wave” towel is a must for all of your warm weather activities! Order Now! . Large 16” x 26” towel . Keeps you cool without getting you wet . Will remain10 to 20 degrees cooler than current air temperature for 4 to ...

SUN Safety
Jun 06, 2010
As summer in the northern hemisphere arrives in a few weeks, this can be helpful information for everyone, including your animal companions. New article - SUN SENSE. more information and article links here. Sun Safety Hot Weather Tip ...

Natural Health News: Forward Thinking
Apr 06, 2008
"These include heat stress, other heat-related illness events (affecting the heart, blood vessels and lungs), trauma from extreme weather events, and more allergic diseases." Meanwhile, greater air pollution would ...

San Francisco Passes Cellphone Radiation Law

At long last, since the discoveries of Dr. Gerorge Carlo in the 1980s about the carcinogenic risk of cell phones, now perhaps there will be more progess towards the truth.
San Francisco supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved legislation aimed at helping consumers reduce their exposure to cellphone radiation, a move that industry groups denounced but that Supervisor John Avalos said could "perhaps save lives.”

The new law revises a measure passed last year that was left in legal limbo after CTIA, the wireless telecommunications association, challenged it in a lawsuit. No other city in the nation has passed similar legislation.

Source: The Bay Citizen (

Selections from Natural Health News ( from more than 30+)
Natural Health News: Health Risk: Cell Phone Danger Exposed At Last
Oct 11, 2010
Several years ago I was working with a fellow who had been in the construction industry and was an early-on cell phone user. He developed a parotid tumour on the side of his face that was exposed to his cell phone. ...

Natural Health News: New reports tell of more cell phone risks
Mar 07, 2008
There was a time not so very long ago that all of us got along very well without cell phones. This month, being Women's Health Month, I especially hope for women that they come to understand the specific risks uncovered ...

Natural Health News: Cell Phones, Other EMF Exposure and Your Health
May 01, 2010
The possible health hazards from long-term use of mobile phones are finally being taken seriously by agencies in the UK and USA after years of denials that there was any risk. In the USA, the Federal Communications ...

BREAKING. True Blood moving off of M-Net for a second time after it returned in January; 4th season will be on M-Net Series from September.

You're reading it here first.

Fangs out, fans! Sookie and Alcide look perturbed, and here's why. I can reveal that the vamp-licious drama True Blood (with a werewolf) is moving from the M-Net channel (DStv 101) to M-Net Series (DStv 110) when the 4th season will start in South Africa in September.

True Blood that started out on the M-Net channel (DStv 101) for the first two seasons, got

M-Net, thanks to Monarchy, scoops gold, silver and bronze awards for great on-air promo work at the 2011 Promax Awards in New York.

M-Net - and the incredibly terrific design company Monarchy (no, I don't own shares or have friends there) in South Africa - has raked in several well-deserved Promax Awards in New York at the 2011 PromaxBDA Design Awards for stellar on-air promo work. The pay broadcaster's on-air promo work competed with TV channels around the world in several categories.

M-Net won a bronze (work done by

Colour and design your nails

Colour and design your nails

Colour and design your nails
Colour and design your nails You are invited to a fabulous Pakistani summer party and you have everything ready but wait, you can’t celebrate it without painting your nails. Every Pakistani lady love to invest in new colours and wants to apply the perfect nail polish designs.
Colour and design your nails You can use gel pens, eyeliner pencils or even normal pencils to make glittery and glow patterns. The best pattern for nail polish design would be a simple diagonal line or stars across the nail, with one side filled with a normal pencil and the other side with a light silver gel pen.
Colour and design your nails Nail piercing is the latest fashion trend today. There are different kinds of nail jewellery: those, which are glued to the nail, and those, which are fastened to the nail just like an earring. Both of them look really good, but if you prefer real nail jewellery, then go for nail piercing fashion trend.

Here are some nail polish designs tips to follow:
Colour and design your nails First of all apply nail polish design that suits your Pakistani dress. Before you experiment with colours make sure that first coat is dry. Nowadays red, silver, metallic greys are the top fashion trends over black. Even opaque shades with pearl-like attributes look cool over black. You can go for pastel colour designs also.
Colour and design your nails This nail polish design tip suggests that you get beautiful and most basic design on your fingertip. Choose your favourite colour and place a single dot or line on a nail. You can create floral pattern or play with dots also.
Colour and design your nailsAccording to this nail polish design tip, use band-aid for creating nail patterns. Cut a band-aid into patterns and stick it on top of a dry coat of colour polish. Apply another colour over the previous coat and the band-aid. Peel of the band-aid after it is dry. For an interesting fashion trend, brush a metallic eye shadow over slightly wet polish and cover it with a clear coat after it is dry.

Sunglasses summer trend

Sunglasses summer trend

Sunglasses summer trend
Sunglasses summer trend When summer time starts the heat begins to rise as well, summer clothing can get a bit more intense; let's face it ... strolling down a sidewalk in a floral lawn suit and "daisy duke" cut-offs is the clothing that most of the women are seen in rather than black tights and a heavy winter coat ! When the days get long and the temperature climbs high, women of all ages want something lighter, frivolous and something which has a summer feel to it!
Sunglasses summer trend That's where white sunglasses come in; to give the attire a summer touch and something to make the clothing a show stopper. White sunglasses are this summer's trend. Sunglasses are one fashion accessory which is definitely about hot fun in the summertime.
As fun as rhinestone flip-flops, as short-lived as a cotton-candy pink patent leather summer purse. But nevertheless rooted in summer styles for many years. White sunglasses are all the rage this summer and many people can be seen carrying to with the most elegance.

Hats trends in Summer (2011)

Hats trends in Summer (2011)

Hats trends in Summer (2011)
Hats are very important part of summers as they are not only stylish but they also protect ones face from the scorching sun.
Hats trends in Summer (2011) The economic downward spiral of economy has affected all spheres of our life by now and fashion industry is not an exception from this economic slum. As a result a lot of trends are in repetition this year and hat summer trends are no exclusion.
Hats trends in Summer (2011) Now let’s talk about hat trends and you will see that hats which are in style are too self governing and casual. One wonders if designers wished to make styles showing people don’t care much the whole planet is in grave danger.
Hats trends in Summer (2011) Well, by and large if you feel you don’t want to pay for something new for the summer season just wear your typical fedora hat, a cap or a kerchief - all those which have been with us for a long while. But what you have to not remember is a beret; put it deeper into your closet for better times.

Silver is the new trend in earrings Aug - 2011

Silver is the new trend in earrings Aug - 2011

Silver is the new trend in earrings Aug - 2011
Silver is the new trend in earrings Aug - 2011 Sterling jewelry is always the favored option for the fashion world due to its chemical compound. Like gold, silver too is a soft metal and is consequently alloyed with nickel or copper to give the requisite hardness without losing the sheen.
Silver earrings are proper for a lot of occasions. Quite a few persons choose to prevent wearing silver earrings, because they are out of a desire to chase a style trend . Nonetheless, silver earrings are pretty in style.
Silver is the new trend in earrings Aug - 2011 The first acknowledged use of common wearing of silver earrings was in 200 A.D. The Inside the worlds we live in, look are vital. Seeking only things which are chic and in style are incredibly crucial to most of us.
Right now we now and again often believe of earrings as a female style statement additional so than a male item. This isn't true seeing as many men of all ages sport earrings in one or both ears.

2011 - colours for fabric

2011 - colours for fabric

2011 - colours for fabric
2011 - colours for fabric Summer trend 2010 is all about nature which inspires a rich, soft materiality. Like the valuable fullness of furs, high-class fabric volumes create a cozy feel in summer trend 2010. Brilliantly warm shades and dusty tones offer the basis for tone-in-tone looks with tough surface contrasts in summer trend 2010. Pastel-like accents stand for womanliness. Hairy overcoat qualities are declined by means of light flannels to translucent crêpes. A sturdy center is put on mélange optics and color shadings this summer trend 2010. Velvets in fabric sensitively translate soft pastels. Lace makes the fabric seductive fancies in the appearance.
2011 - colours for fabric For summer trend 2010 folk, hippie and arty worlds flow into all other. With multihued fabric stimulation, the color series lives from influential impulses. Extraordinary associations of cold/warm contrasts create tension and new color sounds in fabric. Multi-colored tweeds and multi-colored checks provide colored fabrics with a new tempo. Recycled yarns make random effects in fabric in this summer trend 2010. Folk and neo-hippie prints illustrate their colors. Ultra-lightweight techniques and colored denims are made for sportsmanship.
 2011 - colours for fabricMysterious forests are full of surprising creatures and are one inspiration for summer trend 2010. The feathers of the birds, the markings of the furs play with a palette of warm brown and vegetal green tones in the fabric in market nowadays.

Mehndi traditions (2011)

Mehndi traditions (2011)

Mehndi traditions (2011)
Mehndi traditions (2011) The art of Mehndi designs have existed for centuries. The Mehndi designs are a part of Bridal Makeup in Pakistan & India. No Pakistani wedding is ever complete without the Mehndi designs.
Wedding is a fusion of lots of rituals, customs, trends and traditions. One most significant practice that is very vital for brides is bridal mehndi trend. Bridal mehndi trend is celebrated in many parts of world when mehndi is applied on bride’s hands and feet. Best friends of bride relate different designs on bride’s hands and feet. Different trends of mehndi designs are seen that differ geographically. Color of mehndi is very essential.
Mehndi traditions (2011) Here are some useful tips for mehndi designs and color:
  1. After applying mehndi, leave it for at least 8 hours. Longer you let the mehndi paste stay on your hands; darker will be shade of mehndi will be.
  2. After drying of mehndi, apply oil on mehndi design for dark shade.
  3. Apply mehndi designs on palms, feet, ankles and upper arms.
  4. Select one bridal mehndi trend designs of classical mehndi design, star bridal design, elegant bridal design, and royal bridal designs. Bridal mehndi trend designs are very popular all over the world.
  5. After you get dark shade of mehndi on your hands or where you applied mehndi, you can make it more elaborated by using special mehndi accessories that may include glitter, stones that match to color of your dress and stars. You can make eye-catching outlines to look more stylish by using unusual mehndi accessories.
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